SMP To Replace Hair Systems – Manchester

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) and hair systems are two different approaches to dealing with hair loss or baldness. While they both aim to improve the appearance of a fuller head of hair, they have distinct characteristics, and one does not replace the other. However, SMP can be an alternative for some individuals who are considering hair systems. Here’s how they compare:

SMP is a Non-Surgical Procedure

Scalp micropigmentation is a non-invasive, cosmetic tattooing procedure that creates the illusion of hair follicles by depositing pigment onto the scalp. It does not involve surgery, and there is no need to attach or remove anything from the scalp.

Hair Systems are Physical Attachments

Hair systems are physical pieces, typically made of human or synthetic hair, that are attached to the scalp using adhesives, tapes, or clips. They require regular maintenance, including removal, cleaning, and reattachment.

SMP Provides a Permanent Look

SMP provides a permanent solution, as the pigment lasts for several years but may require touch-ups over time to maintain its appearance. It creates the illusion of a closely shaved head or a buzz-cut hairstyle and does not add actual hair length.

Maintenance: SMP requires minimal maintenance, while hair systems need regular cleaning, reattachment, and replacement.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a great treatment for Men and Women who currently wear a hair system. Scalp Micropigmentation is a virtually painless technique that hair system wearers can appreciate, whether male or female, and no matter what type of hair system you wear. Systems are very expensive. Most clients require two systems, so they still have one to wear while the other is being cleaned from time to time by the supplier. Perhaps an even greater issue is maintenance, and after a few months, drive many users to search for alternatives. If you’re a hair system wearer and considering Scalp Micropigmentation, you’ll be pleased to know you’re in a great position to do so. We can schedule your appointments so that it looks like you are choosing to shave your head and show off your new full head of shaved hair.

In summary, while scalp micropigmentation and hair systems serve similar goals of improving the appearance of hair for individuals with baldness or hair loss, they are distinct solutions with different characteristics. SMP is a permanent cosmetic procedure that mimics the look of a closely shaved head, while hair systems are physical attachments.

It’s essential to choose a qualified and experienced SMP practitioner like us, your new hairline is one of the most important elements of having Scalp Micropigmentation and we are dedicated to getting it right. There are many hairline styles that can be created, and we will work with you to create the perfect one for you.  SMP is a long-lasting solution, but it may require touch-up sessions every few years to maintain its appearance, as the pigmentation can fade over time.