The Process


Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a revolutionary non-surgical solution for individuals experiencing hair loss, thinning hair, or seeking a bold, stylish look.

Benefits of SMP:

Natural Appearance

SMP replicates the look of natural hair follicles, providing a realistic and undetectable hairline.

Confidence Boost

Restores self-confidence and self-esteem by addressing hair loss concerns.

Low Maintenance

Requires minimal upkeep compared to other hair restoration methods.

No Scarring

SMP is a non-invasive procedure, leaving no visible scars or surgical marks.


Tailored to each individual’s unique hair colour, style, and desired density.

Quick Results: Achieve the desired look in just a few sessions.

The SMP Procedure:


The process begins with a consultation to assess your specific needs and preferences.

Design and Planning

A customised SMP plan is created, taking into account your hairline, hair colour and desired density.

Pigmentation Sessions

Multiple sessions are scheduled to build up the pigment gradually, ensuring a natural look.

Needle Application

SMP is applied using specialized micro-needles to deposit pigment into the scalp’s upper dermal layer.

Layering Technique

A layering technique is employed to simulate the natural look of hair follicles.

Session Duration

Each session typically lasts a few hours, with a recommended waiting period of at least 7 days between sessions.

Post-Care and Maintenance:

Healing Period

The scalp may appear red or irritated immediately after the procedure but will subside within a few days.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Protect the treated area from direct sunlight for the first few weeks.

Gentle Washing

Use a mild shampoo and avoid scrubbing the scalp vigorously.


Apply a recommended moisturiser to prevent dryness. Our technician will advise on this

 Avoid Sweating

Refrain from strenuous exercise and sweating for a short period after each session.

Follow-up Appointments

Attend recommended follow-up appointments to ensure optimal results.

Maintenance and Longevity:

Colour Fading

SMP may fade over time, requiring touch-up sessions to maintain vibrancy every few years.

Lifestyle Impact

SMP is resilient to daily activities, including swimming and exercise.

Individual Results

Results vary by individual, but SMP typically lasts for several years before touch-ups are needed.


Scalp Micropigmentation, as outlined in is a life-changing solution for hair loss or style transformation. Its natural appearance, minimal maintenance, and customisable options make it a popular choice for those seeking to regain confidence and redefine their look. To embark on your SMP journey, consult with our qualified SMP artist who can guide you through the process and help you achieve the hairline of your dreams.

Rediscover Your Confidence, Embrace the Journey: SMP – Trusting the Process of Transformation!